Recommended Reading for Every Writer

Here is a partial list of books every writer should read. This list has many books that will speak to your inner muse.

My all-time favorites, in no particular order…

61xk7zg4GqL._SL1000_On Writing – Steven King

Part autobiographical, part instructional this is a must-read for any new writer. Even if Horror is not your genre this book is filled with fun facts, stories about his writing process, and advice on how to edit your manuscript. “Sometimes you just have to kill your darlings.”


On Writing – Ernest Hemingway

This book has excerpts of personal letters written to friends like F. Scotts Fitzgerald, family members, and his editor. Hemingway wrote these letter about his thoughts on writing and the writer’s life. Don’t miss this intimate look into a literary master’s life.

The Elements of Style – William B. Strunk Jr. and E. B. White

This little book on writing has rules of usage, composition, form and style.  Don’t pass on this one.  There is a ton of useful information that every writer must know.

Writing Naked – by Jennifer Probst

Written in Probst’s unmistakable and honest voice, Write Naked is filled with the lessons and craft advice every writer needs in order to carve out a rewarding career.


How to fix your Novel – Steve Alcorn

This book gives simple techniques to use that will improve your manuscript. Some chapter titles are, First Aid for your Novel, Dramatic Elements, Character Building, Voice and Get Published.  This is a comprehensive that helps you get published.


The Writers Complete Fantasy Reference – Introduction by Terry Brooks

A complete reference guide for fantasy writers. Have a question about magic or myth? The answer is there under chapters like, World Cultures, Magic, Witchcraft and pagan paths. Game of Thrones?


Why We Write – Edited by Meredith Maran

This book has excerpts from twenty of today’s top authors like Jennifer Egan, James Frey, Gish Jen, Rick Moody, Armistead Maupin to name a few, Each writes about the why and how of their own process.

What do you think of this list? Are we missing anything? If you have a recommendation or book title not listed please, pass it along.

3 thoughts on “Recommended Reading for Every Writer

  1. A great book for newbies and also for seasoned authors is Story and Style, by Ron and Caryl McAdoo. They have over thirty years writing experience and have published every way you can. Big house-S&S, indie, and small press.


  2. lynraa

    I’d like to recommend a couple of titles
    1. ‘How to Write a Damn Good Novel: A Step-by-Step No Nonsense Guide to Dramatic Storytelling by James N. Frey
    2. ‘Revision and Self-Editing for Publication’ by James Scott Bell.
    Both are full of excellent information, and both are fun to read


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