More Recommonded Reading for Every Writer


Since the last post, I’ve come across more books on craft I think, deserve a place on the list of recommended reading for every writer. Again, in no particular order…

Jennifer Probst book cover non fiction
Write Naked

Writing Naked – a newer release, from the USA today bestseller Jennifer Probst. I was fortunate enough to have her as a guest blogger not too long ago. Check out what she had to say Guest Blogger Jennifer Probst.



Next on the list is DIY MFA by Gabriela Pereira. What I like about his book is there is a whole website to support the reader on their journey. DIY

This book focuses on writing, reading and building a writer’s community. A must for any serious writer no matter the genre.

I feel blessed that I got the opportunity to sit with Damon Suede for an entire lunch. He helped me with my author’s tagline and developed a short blurb for my novel.

Damon’s book, Verbalized gives us a new perspective on how we, as writers, should view our creative process. Packed with practice assignments at the end of each chapter, this book has changed the way I write. I know this exceptional title will change the way you view your process. Verb – writing is all about the verbs.

Worth the read – The Emotional Craft of Fiction – How to write the story beneath the surface by Donald Maass 

I love that Donald owns a literary agency and he knows what he’s talking about. With this book, you will learn about the emotional journey of you readers. Sorry, I missed his speaking engagement when in the New York tri-state area. There’s always next time though.

And, one more for the road. Romancing the beat by Gwen Hayes, This book is short, well written and had me cracking up the whole way through. I didn’t even know I was learning something because I was having too much fun enjoying this witty read.


Click on the cover of any book and it will direct you to an Amazon buy link. click on the name and visit their websites.

I hope you enjoyed my selection do you have any to add?  Let us know what we missed.

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