Do you have Logophobia?


If you do, better shut down your laptop and never open a blank Pages or Word document again, because logophobia is an obsessive fear of words. Yikes! And, if you’re a writer, words are your stock and trade, right?

Here are a few places to find some new inventory.


Why not sign up to receive a new word a day. Challenge yourself to toss a one or two of the weekly words in to your writing?

If you’ve ever gotten stuck, not knowing the right word to choose, or if you’re not sure the word you want to use has the best meaning, try

A word of causion though, make sure to keep to words in your lexicon and style. The last thing you want is someone to accuse you of actually having used a dictionary or thesaurus.

That being said, another good reference is Merriam Webster’s imgresThey too send out daily words you can sign up to receive.

Bookmark and use these websites as a resource. Make each select of words count in your over all ability as a writer.

Sometimes seeing a new word can spark your imagination, or lead you to find a superior choice for you WIP (work in progress – check out Decoding the Lingo of Fiction Writing) and if that happens you can kiss your logophoiba good bye.



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