Romantic Crossword Puzzle for Writers

When I’m bored or in this case procrastinating I do silly things like create fun activities to post on social media. For example: crossword puzzles, find-a-words and other fun stuff that help keep a mind sharp. Here’s a crossword puzzle I designed with romance writers in mind. Print out the pdf, enjoy and don’t worry, there is an answer key below too.

Romantic Crossword Puzzle

Romantic crossword answer key

Below is a PDF of the puzzle, so you’d can print out a hard copy. Please note the printed version doesn’t have the blackouts shown on the jpg. version above.

Romantic crossword puzzle for writers

One thought on “Romantic Crossword Puzzle for Writers

  1. Sorry if you received the original version for this post. At 1:30 in the morning, I found myself so excited about the crossword puzzle that I wrote the blog post, and sadly, I didn’t check for errors before I hit the publish button.
    As you have witnessed, I don’t function well in the wee hours, and really had no business posting at that time.
    So for both our sakes, I promise I wouldn’t subject you to my poor judgment again and please accept my apologies.


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