Paranormal writing prompt #1

 I scramble to sit up in bed. I feel his gaze penetrate the top of my head.  My lower lip trembles.  He has come.  My heart pounds in my chest with fear and anticipation.  The summoning spell worked. When I am able to look up, his face is that of a human with eyes as bright and alluring as poppies.  His eyes look through me to my very soul.  He must be wounding why I summoned him. Behind his stealth body, big black wings shimmer like gold dust.  I watch their movement, deliberate and slow.  Unravel to their full length of ten feet on either side of his shoulders. They hang in the air, concealing most of the light from lone flame that sits in the corner of my bedchamber.  All around him are shadows and what I imagined to be the swoosh sound of his long black tail whipping through the air.  Belpheger had arrived (Belpheger – the demon of ingenious discoveries and wealth).


Now, it’s your turn to finished this scene. Is a a romance? horror? or stright paranormal?  you decied.  I would be happy to read your version of what happens next. So don’t be shy and post your scene in the comment area.

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