5 Quick Fixes for Writer’s Block

Even the most seasoned writer has an occasional bout of writer’s bock. Novice or not, don’t fret. Here are five things you can do right now to get your creative juices pouring again.

1)     Get Up

Staring at a blank Word page can be like swimming in the ocean. Unless you can see land, don’t jump in. Get up, move about, get a cup of coffee, grab a snack or do a few sit-ups. What ever you do, don’t torture yourself. You know the self-babble that comes from writer’s block.

2)     Get Out

Can’t find the right word, can’t get the flow going, nothing is coming easy today. Instead of self-pity, get up and go for a walk. Walking gives you time to explore, relax, and just think things through. I do some of my best creating during walks and so will you

3)     Change the Subject

You’ve been writing the next great American novel and out of nowhere you are writing in some unknown language. Quick, close your document and start writing something else. I like to write either love letters or hate mail depending on my mood.

4)    Keep a Journal

Writer’s block can come from stress. The causes can be, your nosey neighboor, falling behind on your car payment, your best friend said something mean to you or you misplaced your keys, again. Keeping a daily journal you can write away all of those worries, so you can get down to writing what you love. Journals are also a good place to keep story ideas and other tidbits.

5)     Read, Read, Read

Good writers are good readers. I get some of my best ideas from reading other people’s stories.  Like the new Romance/Erotica novel I’m currently working on.  It will be much better then that blockbuster from last year.  What was the name again?

There you have it, 5 things you can try right now. If you have other ideas or methods that work for you please share.


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